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I'm 60 years old and ready to run!

I had neck, back and hip pain for years from accidents and a fall. I was unable to walk up steps, even get up off a chair or out of bed. It incapacitated me. Dr. Brunke worked on me and a miracle occurred! My leg and hips started to work normally and now I can go up and down stairs and get in and out of my car pain free. I'm 60 years old and ready to run! Thank you so much. Love, from the bottome of my heart.

Pamela S., Monterey

Neck Pain Relief after car accident

Four years ago I suffered a neck injury as a result of a guy talking on his cell phone while driving. I now have chronic neck and upper back pain. After seeing two physical therapists, two other chiropractors, and a medical doctor, I finally found Dr. Brunke about 6 months after the accident.

Long story short? A noticeable improvement in my quality of life. For the past few years Dr. Brunke has not only been there to help me deal with my injury, but he has been my advocate as I had to deal with insurance companies and a lengthy litigation process. For those of you who have never had to experience litigation with an insurance company - it's an ugly, stressful process. But I always knew that Dr. Brunke had my back (no pun intended).

At Brunke Chiropractic each adjustment comes with sincere kindness and compassion, and I would recommend his expertise for pretty much any musculoskeletal issue.

Dylan F., Seaside, CA

Whole Body Improvement!

Dr Brunke is wonderful! He is very thorough with his assessment. Kind, caring, and so knowledgeable. His whole staff is wonderful and accommodating. I came in with a lot of right sided back, neck, and leg pain and unsteady gait. He has helped to improve my balance, stabilize my hips, and gave me back 1/2 inch in height!

Deborah C., Marina, CA