Miscellaneous Testimonials

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Miscellaneous Testimonials

Excellent Diagnostic, Caring Person, Individualistic Approach

I call him Dr. Magic Hands

Emergency circumstances! One day U couldn't get out of bed, move or walk without excruciating pain? Had to experiences in the past and was so dreading a "jerk and pop" routine. But after dr. Brunke's gentle treatment, I was able to start walk again and ditched the walker. I have called Dr. Brunke "Dr. Magic Hands" since my first appointment.

Jean K., Monterey, CA

I was left very impressed

I was visiting Monterey and needed a chiropractic adjustment so I found Dr Brunke on google and was able to get in the next morning. I am a physical therapist and have been treated by well over 10 chiropractors in the past 30 years and Dr Brunke has some of the most skilled hands I have ever had the privilege to be treated by. By the time he was done, I was pain free and very impressed! He was so kind, listened thoroughly, and spent as much time with me as was needed to get the job done. I would recommend him to everyone in need of some relief from a skilled and kind hearted Dr.

Cindy M.,